Tatiana Kurri..DAZZLER of the Month…February 2010


As we move into February and the dancers choose the DAZZLER of the Month, I introduce to you Tatiana Kurri.  She has shown though her time with the Dazzlers to be a great friend to the everyone and amazing help with each event.  She keeps me sane when I am about to go crazy and she always makes rehersal fun for all of us.  Please read after the jump about her interview and more pics!!  click here

1.  How long have you been in SL?  7/28/06

2.  When did you join Dazzlers Inc.?  Around July 2008?
At that time I was in Pixel Ballet and was ready to try something new and thats when I joined Dazzlers.

3.  Do you dance or model in RL?  If so what do you do? I use to, I have done some Ballroom as well as Swing…which are my favorite they have so much energy. I have won a few competition with Swing. My sister at one time had her own Dance Studio where I had a Belly Dance class, now that was fun.

4.  What drew you to audition for Dazzlers? My friend Pyper , she just always had so much fun with it so I figured I would like to try out, and glad I did I have been a Dazzler ever since.

5.  What is it that makes the team? Oh that one is easy, its the feeling of Team work , we have had some events and shows that are last minute and we have always pulled together and made it the best ever.. Hard work, fun, and love makes the best of a team plus we are really family.

6.  What else do you do in SL? I model for a few very talented agencies such as Avenue, SL Illustrated and Timeless Agency. I am also part of another wonderful dance company called Dan Coyote ZeroG Skydancers. In my spare time (when I have it) I love to decorate and landscape, it relaxes me. 

7.  What has been your favorite moment from being apart of the team? There have been so many, I would simply have to say watching us grow as we have…in dancers and talent. These dancers make every thing we do fabulous and memorable.

8.  What do you look forward to doing in the future with them? Dazzling SL 🙂

9.  If asked what you would love to see the Dazzlers do what would it be? Like all of us I would like to see us in more shows, events and even a little more theatrics. Dazzlers are very talented and can do almost anything.

10.  What genre of dance is your favorite? I have to say all, I just love to dance.

11.  When preparing for the shows what are some hints you have for other dancers/models?  Depend on each other, help each other .. remember to have fun. It all depends on lag so do the best you can..


About Pyper Dollinger

Owner and choreographer of DAZZLERS Inc. Owner/CEO Timeless Model Agency
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One Response to Tatiana Kurri..DAZZLER of the Month…February 2010

  1. Keshi says:

    Fantastic photos! \o/ Tati \o/

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