Charmie Latte….March Dazzler of The Month

Charmie Latte is our March Dazzler of The Month…Charmie has been with the team since the beginning and the team wouldn’t be the same without her.  She is always there for anyone that needs a hand or an ear.  She is also one of our resident team designers.  Her amazing creations have been worn in many dances and will be featured in upcoming events as well.  I just want to say thank you Charmie for all you do!!!  Thank you also for sticking by me and encouraging me to keep on going.  We love you..

click here to see Charmie’s interview and more pics



1.  How long have you been in SL?  since March 13th 2008

2.  When did you join Dazzlers Inc.?  November 2008

3.  Do you dance or model in RL?  If so what do you do?
      Tap and ballet growing up. Church cheer.
4.  What drew you to audition for Dazzlers?
      My best friend Bambi, and being part of a team, preforming  with others that enjoy it as much as I do.


5.  What is it that makes the team? One word, EVERYONE. It’s not just one person, it’s many working together for a common goal

6.  What else do you do in SL? I am owner/designer of Cat’s Cradle.  I make clothing, shoes, neko toys and just about any thing that catches my fancy at the moment lol.

7.  What has been your favorite moment from being apart of the team?  It so has to be the GOL fashion show, three hours, extreme lag, and we pulled it off beautifully, holding hands the whole time so we wouldnt crash!

8.  What do you look forward to doing in the future with them?
    Everything! New dances, new music and meeting new people!
9.  If asked what you would love to see the Dazzlers do what would it be? My fashion show lol!

10.  What genre of dance is your favorite? Hip hop.

11.  When preparing for the shows what are some hints you have for other dancers/models?  Be prepared, pre rez your outfits, its the one thing you CAN control. Lag is nothing to worry about, if its gonna get you its gonna get you, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!

photos by Pyper Dollinger of Visionz Photography


About Pyper Dollinger

Owner and choreographer of DAZZLERS Inc. Owner/CEO Timeless Model Agency
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One Response to Charmie Latte….March Dazzler of The Month

  1. Bambi Ultsch says:

    Way to go, Charmie! .. Her name says it all .. you will be CHARMED by her … and since she is a Dazzler … she will Dazzle you too. She is a great lady in and out of SL. One of the best friends any dumb girl like me could have ….(I delete my house, quite often) ..LOL . I am proud to call her my friend ! Luv ya Girlie !!

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