Vivienne Darcy- Dazzler of the Month- November 2011

Photo by: Natzuka Miliandrovic

Vivienne Darcy has been voted our Dazzler for November!  She is a fabulously dedicated member of Dazzlers who is always willing to help make costumes and further advance the group!

1.  How long have you been in SL?

Since august 6, 2007

2.  When did you join Dazzlers Inc.?

Goodness, it’s so long ago i don’t remember.  It wasn’t when the group first originated but soon after that when SavannahAnn was still involved.

3.  Do you dance or model in RL?  If so what do you do?

I do!  Ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and I model undergarments in my bedroom.  🙂

4.  What drew you to audition for Dazzlers?

Pyper forced me to do it.  She arm wrestled me and won.

5.  What is it that makes the team?

People who are happy and fun and hardworking and talented and a general delight to be around

6.  What else do you do in SL?

I am in Ballet Pixelle as a senior dancer and costume mistress.  I also model and am currently MISS MONACO in Miss Virtual World.  I am also learning to design and have a shop on the tutu sim.

7.  What has been your favorite moment from being apart of the team?

There are so many, but any time we do a benefit for a good cause it makes me happy.  I also have very very fond memories of the popcorn and movie night we held at Dazzlers and at which Pyper and Tati ate just a little too much causing their uniforms to explode.  🙂

8.  What do you look forward to doing in the future with them?

Making more costumes, doing some choreo AND dancing!

9.  If asked what you would love to see the Dazzlers do what would it be?

I would love to do a Broadway evening at which we presented some of the legendary music and dancing of Broadway musicals.

10.  What genre of dance is your favorite?

Hmm, ballet and tap, I think.  Ballet is exquisite, and how can anyone be depressed when dancing or watching tap?

11.  When preparing for the shows what are some hints you have for other dancers/models?

REPLACEMENT FOLDERS!  They make such a difference.  They help even the chronically disorganized like me be prepared.

12.  You have helped out in so many ways other than just dancing..Can you name a few of the projects you have helped to coordinate?

Lately I have done more costume design for the Dazzlers, and I have enjoyed it greatly.  I also like opening group chat and asking people for a linden so my linden balance will appear.  😀


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One Response to Vivienne Darcy- Dazzler of the Month- November 2011

  1. Marie says:

    YAY!!! Vivi …. great interview ! .. LOVED it !!



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