Tik Merlin- Dazzler of the Month- December 2011

Photo by: Pyper Dollinger

Tik Merlin has been voted our Dazzler for December!  He is a hard working member, dancing and even helping others with set design.

1.  How long have you been in SL?
I joined SL back in June 2007, more than 4 years ago.

2.  When did you join Dazzlers Inc.?
Long, very very long ago. I recall performances late 2009 and early 2010.

3.  Do you dance or model in RL?  If so what do you do?
I dance a lot, mostly while sitting during those fantastic evenings when we get carried away by our performances 🙂

4.  What drew you to audition for Dazzlers?
Pyper. And Tati. And specially Vivi: she knows all about persuading me.

5.  What is it that makes the team?
Yes, lag.
Lag makes our days miserable during shows. We stress like crazy. Then we succeed on doing our dancing and we thrill the audiences. And we get that wonderful feeling of having done it together. As a team.

6.  What else do you do in SL?
I am senior dancer at Ballet Pixelle, where i am in charge of sets and  rehearsal assistant. I assist my dearest partner Vivi on her SL endeavors. Besides, I landscape a bit and script a lot, mostly for fun. Occasionally, I model as well.

7.  What has been your favorite moment from being a part of the team?
My favorite moment is most of times the last one we had. As we speak, we just had a lovely rehearsal for MVW gala. We are looking forward it. it’s gonna be thrilling!

8.  What do you look forward to doing in the future with them?
Dancing, dancing and even more dancing.

9.  If asked what you would love to see the Dazzlers do what would it be?
Work with animation/huddles creators for synchronized personal dances, so that we could achieve real couples dancing and beyond.

10.  What genre of dance is your favorite?
I like a plethora of diverse styles, but I really get my eyes locked when Fred and Ginger start to tap, swing and spin.

11.  When preparing for the shows what are some hints you have for other dancers/models?
I usually bring my settings to the absolute reasonable minimums, depending on each show. That means, sometimes, draw distance of 64, lowest graphics, no particles, no animated textures and even friends notifications off. And, of course, tags/names always off.

12.  You have helped out in so many ways other than just dancing..Can you name a few of the projects you have helped to coordinate?
Well, I have given a hand here and there. One I recall clearly was Relay for Life event at the 8th Club, last July 2011, for which we needed to create a model of stage to allow us to do our rehearsals back home. That was challenging :)!


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One Response to Tik Merlin- Dazzler of the Month- December 2011

  1. Bambi says:

    Congrats Tik!! … we LOVE having you around !!

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