Keshi Kiama- Dazzler of the Month- April 2012

Photo by Dantelicia Ethaniel

1.  How long have you been in SL?  1,000 years. No seriously 6 years 😀

2.  When did you join Dazzlers Inc.?  Hmm think it was 2008.

3.  Do you dance or model in RL?  If so what do you do? Only on the club floor or family photos xD

4.  What drew you to audition for Dazzlers? I actually knew Tati before. I joined SL and went looking for a dance or theatre troupe and didn’t find one so I started one LOL. Tati joined then a while later I ran into her again and auditioned for Dazzlers.

5.  What is it that makes the team? In my opinion, all of us working together for the same result. We’re like family, we are family really. We all share a love of music and dance, many of us model as well and we’ve been there for each other through SL and RL ups and downs.

6.  What else do you do in SL? I have a Pose shop called Frozen Panty POSES that I’m really enjoying. I also model for various agencies; Modavia, TOO Sexy, Asymetrique, LOOK Elite, House of Heartsdale to name a few. When I have time and the inclination I blog styles I like and sometimes do photography for friends.

7.  What has been your favorite moment from being apart of the team? Oh man there are so many. There was the Xmas show we did a couple years ago. The Fantasy play we performed with Filipa Thespian, our AMAZING SL Birthday performance of “Boom Boom”, still my favorite and one we should bring back *hint hint*. A lot of my fave times are when we have practice though, just seeing everyone and catching up and being silly.

8.  What do you look forward to doing in the future with them? Any projects we do I’m always looking forward to. Have to keep the fun in SL.

9.  If asked what you would love to see the Dazzlers do what would it be? I’d love to see Dazzlers do more machinima for production companies such as Treet TV or Metaverse.

10.  What genre of dance is your favorite? I have a deep love for ballet as it was my first exposure to dance when I was young. My parents would take us to see live ballet and I’ve always loved the grace and beauty and discipline. Second fave would be modern as well as Jazz and Latin dances such as Flamenco and Argentinian.

11.  When preparing for the shows what are some hints you have for other dancers/models?  Arrive EARLY! Can’t stress that enough for both dance and modeling. Get on the sim, and cycle your outfits. It really helps especially with lag. Get that HUD playing! LOL

12.  You have helped out in so many ways other than just dancing..Can you name a few of the projects you have helped to coordinate? Hmm well I’ve helped in a lot of ways with artwork such as the contest “So You Think You Can Dance?” as well as handling the HUD system for the guys. We don’t have too many guys in Dazzlers *another hint hint* so I try to be as available as I can to cover the gap along with Tik and Marco, my bros!


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