Abby Guardian

Abby Face

Abby Guardian entered into Second life in the early part of 2009. Once getting familiar with SL I tried many things such as racing, building, and hosting. My first career was, and still is Hosting. In January 2010, I began Hosting for the Onyx Club Masionette formely known as the Onyx Club, and soon became Hostess Manager there, and to this day I still hold that position. I am also a Cheerleader for the Onyx Bills Second Football League (SFL) team. From there I discovered the world of fashion from a friend and decided to try becoming a model. I attended MODA Modeling School in the Fall of 2010 and later graduated on December 4, 2010, shortly after I applied to the MODA Spotlight Runway Models and accomplished that goal and now currently doing that as well. Then recently found out about a Dance team called the Dazzlers, so me being of curious mind thought I would try out for that and see what would happen. Now I am much honored to say that I was accepted into this wonderful Dance team and hope to make many new friends and learn countless new things along the way. When not busy with all these various things I like to spend time tending to my animals, hanging out with friends, or just go out and explore what else I can find on the wide world of SL.


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