Pyper Dollinger, CEO

pyper dollinger #2

Dazzlers Inc.  is directed by Pyper Dollinger. Pyper Dollinger has been a dancer in RL since the age of 3 and danced hard and strong for 25 wonderful years. She has performed with the Houston Ballet Company and has taken her dance in many directions. She danced the role of Cinderella, Dorothy and many other lead and corp roles, but those were her favorites. From dancer to teacher to cheerleader, dance has always been in her heart and blood. During college, she was a dance major at Southern Illinois University and also cheered for the NFL St. Louis Professional Cheerleaders and Dancers, Inc. Classical ballet, jazz and cheer were her favorites. Now in Second Life, she is Owner of Dazzlers Inc, Timeless Model Agency, Head Choreographer for the GAFL Director of Cheer Operations.  She was the cofounder of the cheerleading portion of the SFL Football League.  She is a  model for Glance International, AVENUE, SL Illustrated, Butterfly, TOMA, Second Look Models and Swirl….She is working hard to get the concept of dance into SL and to create amazing entertainment with creative, fun and beautiful choreography.

Pyper Dollinger by Pam Astonia


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