Melonie Romano

melonie romano dazzlers

(Razmataz – Owner/Animator – Dazzlers Dancer – Model Instructor – Artist – Machinima)

I have a strong passion for Art, Dance, Music and Fashion.  In real life, enjoy modern dance, ballet, received a medal on balance beam and play guitar for leisure.  I am the owner of Razmataz Art, Poses & Animations where you can my animated artwork or enjoy ice skating, rock climb, scuberdive journey, yoga on rock, swim, water skiing, twirl on rope, spin on ring, couples kisses, model poses, free hud, AO’s, gestures etc.  http:  url link.   I enjoy meeting people and love dancing with the dazzlers.  In the past, I’ve helped organize benefit for Haiti, concert for Relay for Life 2012 and choreographed Mr.Saxobeat. I also taught at Maniera Institute of Style and cover model in magazine, Feb 2011.

melonie romano purple moon


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