VeronicaLynn Parx

VeronicaLynn- headshotVeronicaLynn Parx rezzed into SL on 11/15/08. She started out in SL dancing and events managing at a popular dance club, but soon her real life love of fashion, shoes and jewelry quickly drew her to the world of modeling. There she had a successful career as a model, became an executive model trainer and marketing director for a widely circulated magazine. Now VeronicaLynn is a manager for Timeless Model agency and owns her own studio, Fleur De Lis Photography Studio. Currently with DAZZLERS, Inc. she is a dancer and costume coordinator.

Formerly VeronicaLynn was captain of the SFL All-Star cheerleaders and cheerleader for the Immortal Buccaneers and Twisted Vikings. She also has freelanced as a voice actress for Virtual Worldwide Media and an advisor/ head model for JessEll Production Company. VeronicaLynn’s first love for dancing in SL and learning choreography has lead her to the DAZZLERS Inc. dance team and is so happy to be a part of this elite dance squad!

VeronicaLynn Gizza TuTu


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