Sareena Sands


Sareena Sands rezzed into SL on 4/28/07. She immediately became a DJ then later a host. She has also danced and managed a club before owning two clubs of her own. She has also had her hand in building, making clothing, and photography. She then discovered SL football and cheerleading. She first tried cheerleading and was asked to try a routine of her own not long after. This is where she found her love for dancing. Not long after she started cheerleading she found Dazzlers, Inc and applied.

She became a Dazzlers dancer in December of 2012 and has been with them ever since. As long as there is Dazzlers, Inc in SL, she will always be a part of this fabulous group. She is very honored to dance with a great group of people that she loves and thinks of as family.


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